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You may be a family member, friend, spouse or someone in need of a rehab – either way, we know how it feels to get to the next level and start doing what is right. The fight of becoming the person you strive to be or seeing a loved one struggle is daunting.

Even the most independent of us have situations that can take us by surprise—when we find we could use a little help to stay focused and protect what we care about most.

No matter where you are in your life—whether you’re just starting your search, you’re search has taken a few weeks, or you’ve been searching for a while and realize you could use a little more help—we can help…and we’ll stay with you as you take your next steps.


It is extremely emotional and challenging to find the perfect fit, we understand that, so we made it easier for people like you. Rehab Adviser will asses your individual needs – specific addiction, disorder diagnosis, facility requirements, insured or uninsured, 12-step or non-12-step, coed or non-coed, medication needs, detox needs and any other individual requirements you may need – we will cross examine them with rehab facilities until we find the perfect match for the person in need.

There are a number of things to look at when you are looking for the perfect place. It’s not just about scenery, you need to know if the staff is capable of treating the individual-specific-needs. We at Rehab Adviser have put in place a network of rehab facilities that all have separate strong points for these individual-specific-needs and we are honored to help people like yourself find the exact facility to reflect your needs.

Our Philosophy

We have recently seen a problem with rehabs taking lives of people in need for granted. The problem we notice is that there is not enough focus on EVERYTHING about addiction. For example, sure, you can get an alcoholic detoxed and clean for 30 days in a nice rehab facility but how long will it last after leaving the facility? 1 or 2 weeks? Maybe?

There needs to be a better way. We have decided to essentially hold the hand of the person in need of help through the entire process of rehab.

What does that mean?

We want to help find the perfect rehab program that fits the specific individual needs and forms around them, not having them form to the program. You should not have to completely re-form your life, you need to re-form without the addiction – yes. However, your life will re-form once you find the path you want to be on, you can’t be forced.

The process…

Finding a rehab that is just right takes time and research, it’s important, you need to find the best fit. The problem is there is so many to choose from that it can feel impossible.

What we find to be the best way is to asses the person in need. We need to know exactly what kind of person you (the addict) is. What kind of drugs? Religious beliefs? Eating habits? Exercising habits? Just to name a few. Getting to the core of the person is critical in deciding the right ‘placement’ for them.

What we do with this information…

We cross reference it to the list of rehab centers we allow to be a part of our ‘network’. We have relationships with only premier facilities that meet the highest of standards. Fortunately, not every rehab is the same, they all have their specialties and strong points. One rehab may fit type-x personality but it won’t fit type-y personality.

Our assessment of the person in need of help is just as important as our assessment of the facility. Once we have the assessment of the person in need we can narrow our options down fairly quickly.

What happens next…

Less then half the battle is getting off of drugs or alcohol, the real struggle is STAYING off of them. Our network is filled with many options to help continue sobriety and make life livable for the addict after removing drugs or alcohol. There are many of out-patient options, sober-living housing, groups/meetings, sober coaches, and doctors that we have in place for any situation.

Our process is as personable as we could think of and we are here to literally lead people in need to a better life, the easiest way possible.

Call us now and get the help you need.