About Holistic Drug Rehab

Addiction is any shape of form usually isn’t good, but when drugs are involved not only can it wreak havoc in the abuser’s life but also in the lives of those surrounding them. But there is help available in the form of addiction retreats with unique alternative programs that can help addicts to recover.

Retreats for Addicts

In recent years a new form of treatment has emerged in the battle against drug addiction. Rather than working through a 12 stage program or seeking medical help, addicts have turned to holistic drug rehab. There are a number of these retreats which have taken a different approach to helping those with drug addictions.

These retreats have taken a different approach to the better known traditional drug treatment establishments, and provide more of an all inclusive vacation type atmosphere, whilst they assist you in working through your addiction problems. The programs can include individual discussion therapy, plus art and music therapy. There are also therapies to detoxify your body by use of massage and acupuncture. You will also find 12 step group programs, meditation, saunas and spas on offer at most of these holistic drug rehab centres. The length of the programs varies from 7 to 28 days and it is suggested that you seek approval from your doctor prior to commencing a program as they are not intended to replace a medical program.

Some of the more advanced retreats offer alternative health approaches to help people overcome their drug addictions such as homeopathy, Ayurveda, acupuncture and naturopathy. The combination of counseling, relaxation techniques, and homeopathic remedies is being praised by many as a positive step forward in dealing with the world’s addiction problem.

There has been a positive response to these new holistic drug rehab centers and many feel they will continue to grow as more people are seen to benefit from a total detoxification and relaxation regime. These holistic retreat centers are not your run of the mill spas – they are seeking to offer an alternate path to recovery, better health and a new approach to life, all whilst enjoying the benefits of a luxurious spa atmosphere.

Drug addiction can destroy or damage many lives. Learning how to get back in control of your life can be frightening and it can be a struggle to master the withdrawal symptoms. Holistic drug rehab retreats provide substance abusers an alternative way to break the curse of addiction.

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