What is the 12 Step Program?

What is the 12 Step Program?


Well known for its use in helping individuals recover from different forms of addiction, the 12 step program was first created by the group Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935.  It soon became widely popular and today it is one of the most widely used processes for helping individuals to deal with different addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, and so on.  The 12 step program was meant to be done in consecutive order, where the person progresses from one step to another until they have become completely free from the addiction.  It has been extremely successful with numerous people.  The 12 step program is a very spiritual process but it is not necessarily religious in its nature; it is not intended for any one particular religion.  What exactly are the 12 steps in the 12 step program?


Step 1 – One realizes that they cannot control their addiction and needs help.


Step 2 – One needs to have faith that there is a divine power that can help them overcome their addiction.  One should accept within themselves that they have the ability to overcome the addiction they are facing.


Step 3 – One makes the decision to forego living the life that they have had in the past and should now look to the future with a divine power to help guide and lead.


Step 4 – One should take a deep look within themselves to see what their real purpose is in life.  They should find true meaning in their lives and take the time to fully discover it.


Step 5 – One should admit to a divine power or earthly individual that what they were doing was wrong, that they have made many mistakes and are looking to truly change their ways to become a better individual in life.


Step 6 – One must trust that a divine power will help to fix all of the weakness in their lives and turn them into strengths.


Step 7 – One must ask the divine power to help them overcome the addiction that they are facing and to lead a more positive life.


Step 8 – One should make a list of all of the individuals that they have cause hurt to over the course of their addiction and try to repair any broken relationships that may have occurred as well.


Step 9 – One should try to immediately get in contact with those they have hurt due to their addiction and try to mend the broken relationships.


Step 10 – One should continue to look deep inside themselves to find all of the mistakes that they have made over the course of the addiction and try to fix them if at all possible.


Step 11 – One must pray and meditate to a divine power whenever possible and ask again that they would help them in their quest to overcome addiction.


Step 12 – One must help others try to overcome the same problems that they were facing and educate them so that they may overcome their mistakes as well.


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